About Me

I’m a conservationist, a researcher for natural history films and TV, and a graduate from Oxford University with a masters in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management.

Two aspects of conservation I am particularly interested in are human-wildlife conflict and rewilding. With a booming human population, its never been more important to find effective ways to live alongside the wonders of our planet.

 And, I find rewilding such a fascinating and important science which will leave our Earth richer and in better condition for future generations. It provides hope.  At times I admit I’ve struggled to be an optimist and a conservationist. The advent of the Anthropocene poses significant conceptual and methodological challenges to conservation with frequent reminders in the news of plastic pollution torturing our marine species, suffocating our seas; another forest dweller facing imminent extinction from land-use change; another million pound haul of ivory and pangolin scales seized; the list goes on. Which is why I hope to provide a platform sharing a positive outlook on conservation, for everyone.

So join me on my quest to inspire, empower and entertain.


Experience & Education





September - Present  ★  Researcher  ★  BBC Natural History Unit
Nat Geo Mega Series
Chris Packham's Animal Einsteins
The One Show

April - June 2020  ★  Development Researcher  ★  Be Alive Studios

Dec 2019 - July 2020  ★  Researcher  ★  Digital Playa: BBC Earth Kids Youtube

Sep - Dec 2019  ★  Researcher  ★  BBC NHU: Fierce Queens: Quibi

Jul - Sep 2019  ★  Development Researcher  ★

 True to Nature: Storms & Wildfires

Mar 2018 - Mar 2019  ★  Researcher    Breeze and Freeze Ltd.

Aug - Sep 2018  ★  Editor  ★  Living Planet Productions

Sep 2018  ★  Researcher  ★  Oxford Scientific Films


Other FILM


Jun 2019 - Present  ★  Creative Content Producer  ★ Environet UK

Mar - Jun 2019  ★  Creative Producer  ★  Elephant Family

Mar - May 2018  ★  Researcher  ★  ISEAL Alliance



May - Jun 2017  ★  Blog Writer  ★  National Trust

Jun 2017  ★  Report Writer  ★  Oxford Future Forum .

Jan 2017    Production intern  ★  Breeze and Freeze Ltd.

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2016 - 2017  ★  MSc Biodiversity, Conservation and Management  ★  University of Oxford  ★  Distinction 

2012 - 2015  ★  BSc Environmental Geography  ★  University of York  ★  First Class Honours



Jan 2019  ★  Local Ocean  ★  Kenya 

Jan - Mar 2018  ★  SORALO  ★  Kenya

Nov - Dec 2014  ★  Ollarro Conservancy  ★  Kenya

Jun - Sep 2014  ★  Lilongwe Wildlife Centre & Kuti Protected Area  ★  Malawi